The United Kingdom of Goats

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The United Kingdom of Goats is a federal Kingdom founded on the Vargir Peninsula in southern Kolepta. It's inauguration also marked the turn of the tides in The Second Assault. The kingdom was founded by Sillyphus and 4 of his most trusted followers, being The Admiral, The Coachman, The Seer and The Insane. It is a federation of the former souvereign states of Desra, Deathport, Varamosh, Darewell and Baelum.


After being exiled, Sillyphus headed out of Darewell going northwest. On the entraces to the Baelum Woods he encountered a former naval officer of the Navy that has managed to escape from a lost battle in the harbour of Deathport. He called himself The Admrial and was on the way south from Deathport together with a man that only identified himself as The Coachman. He was coachmand, bodyguard and the only survivor of a delegation hailing from Drom on the northern island of Agar. Together they marched south encountering a hermit that only called himself The Seer. The Seer told them that the only way to overcome this darkness would be to march south, cross the Vargokhor Gates and climb the top of Vargorok, the Holy Mountain. There and only there they will find the strength and their destiny. Finally, at the Vargokhor Gates they met there fourh and final companion. Him being unable to speak and only to scream in hate and anger they called him The Insane.

While making their way down to Varamosh at the foot of Vargorok, they encountered more and more beings that identified themselves as the Varags. Men half goat, half human. With faces and horns like goats, but walking upright like men. The further they party of Sillyphus moved into the territory, the more they befriended with the Varags, realizing that they were somehow left untouched by the madness of war waged by the Kramh. Night after night they told each other stories from the lands they came from and their ancient heritage. Until one day Sillpyhus and his friends were accepted as honoured guests among the Varags and together they swore that they will push the Kramh back to where they came from. At the top of Vargorok in the Temple of the Hirakesh the celebrated the inaguruation of the United Kingdom of Goats.

In the coming days numerous letters, scouts and envoys were sent out across the lands of Kolpeta to unite the remaining survivors under the banner of the goat. With For Blood, Flesh and Steel as their motto the called every able man to arms to battle united against the Kramh.