The Coachman

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The Coachman is the pseudonym of one of the members of The Following of Sillyphus and The National Orchestra of the United Kingdom of Goats. He, as all others, have sworn an oath to avoid revealing their true identity or history to anyone. As such, only few details are known about him. He used to be the coachman of a nobleman from the east of Deathport.

He only reveals that, when Deathport fell during The Second Assault, he was ordered to escape the city together with his master. They got caught in an Kramh ambush just outside of the city walls where his master got killed. He fails to explain how he managed to survive the attack, but it obviosuly changed him forever. He seems to only be a shadow. He has thin and pale skin and a sekeletal appearance. He always wears his coat and his hat, sometimes a stick to help him walk. Some whisper that he has returned from the dead to avenge the fall of Deathport, wheras he himself usually just states: "I died along the way, and rose as someone else."

The Coachman plays bass and guitar in The National Orchestra of the United Kingdom of Goats, sometimes he sings. He is an adept scholar and loves to rummage for hours in old books and tomes in search for stories and tales about the history of the world. He is therefore the main figure behind the interpreting of all the old writings and accounts, out of which he formulates most of the orchestra's lyrics.